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Inspiring Survivorship 

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Discovering a Cure for Breast Cancer:
Prevention is The Cure

Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Doors: 6:30 / Event: 7:00

Lafayette Library

Sandy Preto of Notes4Hope sits down with City of Hope scientist Mark LaBarge, Ph.D. to discuss his lab's groundbreaking work on the connections between aging and breast cancer, aimed at intervening and stopping cancer from developing in the first place.


Dr. LaBarge's passion for advancing research will shine through, providing a compelling glimpse into the future of breast cancer treatment and prevention.

Healing Powers Podcast

Stories of Survivorship  Voices of individuals who have successfully navigated the trials of cancer.

Comfort Kits: Items to support cancer survivors

Comfort Kits

Contains items that provide comfort and healing for people going through cancer treatment, including toxic free and safe body products. With Notes4Hoe’s recent partnership with UCSF-John Muir Cancer Center, we seek sponsorship and funding to provide kits for all of their patients.

Sandy's Story

After surviving stage 3 breast cancer, Notes4Hope was formed to help others facing cancer. Her journey to recovery and beyond provides hope and inspiration for survivorship. 

Sandy Preto : founder of Notes4Hope

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