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Notes4Hope’s is a mission-driven, donations-based organization that delivers support and prevention education to those impacted by cancer.

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Co-Founder & President, Sandy Preto’s Journey: Survivor to Inspirer

April, 2011



A Diagnosis That Changed Everything

My life took an unexpected turn when I was diagnosed with stage 3 Invasive Lobular Carcinoma, also known as breast cancer. Hearing those three words, You Have Cancer, forever altered the course of my life. I had recently divorced and was caring for my three children, all while facing this daunting new challenge.

June, 2011



The Battle Begins

I underwent surgery to remove my right breast, followed by another surgery to remove the lymph nodes in my right arm—two surgeries within two weeks. The tumor in my right breast was much larger than expected and had spread, necessitating an aggressive treatment plan. Starting in July 2011, I endured six months of breast cancer treatment. With a port in place, I underwent eight rounds of ACT chemotherapy, followed by 25 consecutive days of radiation therapy. My treatment concluded on December 12, 2011.

March, 2012



Preventive Measures & Complications

As a preventive measure, I elected to have my left breast, ovaries, and tubes removed. This rare type of cancer is not easily detected, and removing hormone-producing organs significantly increased my chances of survival. Unfortunately, in July 2012, I developed an infection in my right breast that couldn’t be resolved with antibiotics. Another surgery was needed to remove the expander, and pathology revealed a mold infection. I took strong anti-fungal medication for five months to eradicate it but I was also left with an open wound that could not be healed…

Summer 2013



Reconstruction and Recovery

While reconstruction was always the goal, it also became a necessity due to the open wound. During the summer of 2013, I underwent a 15.5-hour surgery for reconstruction; my right breast is now a “butt breast.” What’s a butt breast? Doctors transplanted tissue from my left upper buttocks to my chest, connecting every vein and capillary to shape it into a breast. 

My left side became a textured breast implant, manufactured by Allergan. I found out in 2024 that my implant had been recalled by the FDA in 2019. I’m scheduled in July to undergo implant removal and flap replacement surgery. The source of this flap will be my inner thighs. I guess “legs and ass” is the new “tits and ass.” 

What’s most important is that I remain healthy and cancer-free!




Inspiring Survivorship

Through this journey, I learned a tremendous amount about myself and the environmental threats that contribute to cancer. My goal is to prevent my cancer from recurring and to help others do the same. That’s where Notes4Hope comes in. For the past 11 years, Notes4Hope has produced multiple concerts to raise awareness and money through the healing power of music to help others facing breast cancer. 

In 2024, we have shifted our focus on helping people facing any type of cancer through two important initiatives: The Healing Powers podcast & book, and the Notes4Hope Comfort Kits (formerly known as WAR Kits). 

Make a Donation

Notes4Hope has two major initiatives in motion which require funding to bring to fruition. Help us reach $150,000 to make these a reality. All donations, no matter the size, have a meaningful impact for those facing cancer (which is 1 in 3 of us).

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Inspiring Survivorship

Whether you have cancer, had cancer, helped someone through cancer, or haven’t had cancer, this site has something for you. And I’m always here to help, so please feel free to reach out to me at

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