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Help Us Inspire Survivorship

Notes4Hope has two major initiatives in motion which require funding to bring to fruition. Help us reach $150,000 to make these a reality. All donations, no matter the size, have a meaningful impact for those facing cancer (which is 1 in 3 of us).

Healing Powers Initiative

Customizable sponsorship packages to meet the needs and goals of each sponsor, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership. Complete the form and we will contact you to arrange the donation and advertising details. We also want to emphasize the impact of sponsorship on the cancer survivor community, highlighting how sponsorship helps provide comfort and hope to the many in need. 


Sponsorship benefits include, but are not limited to:


Brand Visibility, Recognition & Advertising

  • Logo Placement: Prominent placement of the sponsor's logo on podcast episodes, social media, and promotional materials.

  • Ad-Spots & Promotions: Personalized ads read by the host in the introduction and conclusion, which can include a specific promotion.

  • Website Exposure: Placement of the sponsor's logo with link to website on the podcast’s website and Notes4Hope’s website.

Marketing and Promotional Opportunities

  • Social Media Promotion: Regular posts featuring the sponsor on Notes4Hope social media channels, tagging sponsor’s accounts, and encouraging followers to engage.

  • Email Newsletter Features: Inclusion in Notes4Hope’s e-newsletters with a dedicated section highlighting the sponsor and their contribution.

  • Event Collaboration: Opportunities to collaborate on live events, webinars, or virtual meet-ups associated with the podcast series.

Become a Sponsor

Single choice
Level 1 ($10,000) 13 Episodes (Complete Series)
Level 2 ($5,000) 6 Episodes
Level 3 ($2,500) 3 Episodes
Level 4 ($500-$1,499) 1 Episode
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