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Comfort Kits

Notes4Hope Comfort Kits contain curated items that provide comfort, healing and education on swapping out daily-use products for clean, non-toxic versions, including products verified by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep database ( These kits are only made possible through generous donations and are free to all recipients.

Comfort Kit

Origins of the Comfort Kit

In 2019, Notes4Hope developed Comfort Kits as a way to support others facing cancer. Each kit contains hand-selected items for their comfort and healing properties, with body products verified as clean and non-toxic by the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Database. 


In June of 2024, Notes4Hope partnered with UCSF John Muir Cancer Center to deliver Comfort Kits to every patient going through cancer treatment. Kits are only made possible through corporate and community support. Each kit costs roughly $100 to assemble and distribute. Please consider making a donation that is meaningful to you and/or purchase a kit to be sent directly to someone you know facing cancer.

Imagine your days filled with pain, uncertainty, fear and loneliness. There are no manuals on how to cope with marathon surgeries, nauseating chemotherapy, and the fatigue of radiation treatments. My experience taught me firsthand what support and information people facing cancer might need to help get them through this process. The goal of these kits is to help cancer patients forge a new path toward recovery and survivorship.


- Sandy Preto, Cancer Survivor, Co-founder and President of Notes4Hope.

Each item was carefully selected for comfort and wellness. Many of the products were 100% donated, while others were provided at a significant discount. Thank you to these companies for their generous contributions and partnership. 


  • Water Bottle by Notes4Hope: The adult body contains 50-65% water. Water is one of the most important nutrients in detoxifying your body. This 17 oz durable, double-wall vacuum, copper insulation steel water bottle allows beverages to stay cold for 48 hours and hot for at least 12 hours.


  • Beanie by Notes4Hope: provides warmth and comfort during and after treatments, all year round.


  • Body lotion by The Honest Company: Skin is the human’s largest organ. Using a lotion that does not contain endocrine disrupting chemicals that cause hormone-related cancers is an important lifestyle change.


  • Tea Sampler by Numi Organic Tea, co-branded with Notes4Hope: Provides warmth and helps rebuild a broken-down immune system during and after treatment.


  • Comfort Pillow made by hand with love: A small, heart-shaped pillow designed to comfort and shield sensitive areas such as a port or surgery area. May also be used to support the area between your body and a pulling seat belt.


  • Soft Bamboo “Cozy Socks” by Cariloha: Bamboo fluffy socks to keep feet warm during and after treatments.


  • Lip balm by Naturz 5: With the mouth being a gateway to the human body, it’s important to use a lip balm that does not contain endocrine disruptors like many other commercial brand lip balms.


  • Pain Relief Herbal Healing Oil by Hollie’s Homegrown Organic herb infused extra virgin olive oil, for use as a topical skin healer to help alleviate muscle and nerve pain.


  • Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray by Clean Well: Kills germs botanically and is an essential part of staving off harmful germs.

  • Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor by Kris Carr: Provides unique and useful tips for someone dealing with cancer diagnosis on how to heal and move forward. Kris Carr’s life was turned upside down at the age of 32 when she was diagnosed with a rare stage IV liver and lung cancer. She’s alive and thriving today because of her relentless pursuit and implementation of wellness practices.

What’s in a Comfort Kit?


“I love the kit and all it represents. It was very comforting to know I could use holistic products and feel taken care of. All the products are top notch! At a very fragile and uncertain time, I knew I was not alone and had a resource to reach out to should I need it, so thank you!”

Help Comfort Kits Get Built & Delivered

Each $125 donated allows for a kit to be assembled and delivered to someone with cancer.

With a $3,500 sponsorship, a company logo will be featured on the reusable bags used to deliver each kit.

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